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        "Our mission and goal is to offer a complete package of creative and flexible products based on the needs of our customers." 

        Since we started in 1997, our goal has been to create the most practical archery targets and archery backstops ever made, and we’ve nailed it! Beginning with just a single bailing machine back then, we’ve only gone up. We now have a full facility and customers all across the U.S. and Canada, selling mostly to archery clubs, commercial target ranges, and at-home archers. We aim to create targets that are built to last, and our customers know we can provide. 

        Our success came from the quality and durability of our targets. Our unique process has enabled us to develop targets that allow for easy arrow extraction while also being long-lasting. Many are even biodegradable after! The cores of our targets can withstand thousands of hits from any bow and any arrow with up to 300 lbs per square inch. We set out to create targets that can be hit over and over again in the exact same spot and still be useful. We even specially vary the materials in our targets based on the area we are shipping them in order to account for different climate and humidity that different regions experience. Our targets are so durable that many of our customers only reorder once every 2-3 years even though the targets experience full-time, year around use!

        Since starting, we’ve now grown to be a leading manufacturer of the highest quality archery targets and archery backstops that you can find on the market. To us, “highest quality” means selling targets that exhibit overwhelming durability, leading towards significant savings in maintenance time and overall expense. Never be afraid of wearing your target out! Buy one that you know will last through years to come and will be the best option for the environment once you finally decided to replace it. With us, you can find your forever target.