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        Q. Why do your targets cost more than some other targets on the market?
        As it always is, you get what you pay for. Our targets are made using the highest quality materials and have a substantially longer life than many targets on the market. Our targets stopping power also saves on arrow and fletching replacements by helping prevent blow-throughs. These targets can save the active shooter in the long run.
        Q. How long does your range target backstops and personal archery targets last?
        Of course this depends on number of shooters/number of targets, number of shots per shooter, and if shots are in area (usually middle) or spread throughout shoot zone. Most public ranges average 2 years with semi moderate usage. Life expectancy also depends if target backstops are used on field course (3-4 yrs.)
        Our New design personal archery targets can last you a lifetime. You’ll need to replace the covers every 3 -4 years..

        Q. Does Pacific Bow Butts require a lot of maintenance time?
        Absolutely Not! No rebounding or reshuffling.
        For indoor ranges: For a small range 10 – 12 feet wide, with high traffic (60 -100 shooter per week) we only suggest rotating every six months.. (After league season) Otherwise on Indoor Ranges, once a year rotation is sufficient. Rotate butts by turning 180 degrees and move middle backstops on Indoor Archery Ranges to outer butts to middle and still rotate 180 degrees.
        On outdoor ranges the 10,20, and 30 yard butts gets hammered. After first years use, we recommend rotating the 10 – 30 yard butts with the farther distance butts. 50, 60, 70.

        Q. What about maintenance expense?
        Very, very minimal. The only expense would be when its time to replace the covers . Usually once a year on public ranges. 2 -3 years on club ranges.

        Q. Are arrows easy to remove?
        It depends on bow draw wt. But, it those would use a couple swipes of our special wax bar or other lubes arrow removal is as easy as 3-D. At first you will need to use a two hand technique where you give a quick tug, arrows will release for easy remove. Using an arrow gripper helps.  Removal is easier after thousands of shots without sacrificing increased penetration.
        Our “New” Personal Archery Targets is easy one hand removal.

        Q. Can you shoot broadheads?
        All of our targets are able to handle the damage inflicted by broadheads, but not all broadheads are created equal.  Some are easier to extract than others so use your best judgement when determining which broadheads to use. 

        Q. What’s the best way to install Pacific Bow Butts?
        For indoor ranges installing our PBB 48 Target Backstops we now recommend vertical installation on staging area about 16 - 18". This install has proven to be best for longer backstop life. Some ranges prefer horizontal installation and stack 3 Butts high because it fits their range best and the top tier catches stray arrows from hitting the back wall and is used in the rotation routine each year. We stress installing on stage area 16 - 18" high.
        PBB 48 for outdoor ranges the 10 and 20 yard butts in some instances are installed vertical for birdie targets, but in most cases horizontal installation is used.
        Our Super Butt Target we recommend 44” measurement as the top of the target, but can be installed width way if desired.

        Q. Do the backstops need to be covered?
        YES. This extends the life of your targets. Our popular 2 post shed assembly or similar construction is recommended.

        Q. Are Pacific Bow Butts used for Crossbows?
        Not our Super Butt Target or PBB 48 Backstop.  Designated Crossbow use Targets for public ranges are available. Personal Archery Targets are Crossbow Rated other than our youth archery targets.

        Q. Do you custom manufacture to adapt to existing target sheds?
        Yes! Most existing target sheds were built to accommodate excelsior size backstops. We can manufacture butts to fit these existing sheds. Widths from 36” up to 52”.

        Q. Does your Super Butt Target or PBB Backstops leave any residue on arrow shafts?
        Most cases NO. When the butts are new some carbon arrows at speeds in excess of 330 fps have had some residue due to shooters not realizing, that when shooting foam targets (3-D) residue from foam builds up that can not be seen on arrow shafts. Arrow shafts need to be cleaned using a light abrasive pad. We try to keep up with new arrow manufacturing technology and their new types of coatings that react to friction heat. They're easy to remedy once discovered.

        Q. Do arrows bounce out with light poundage bows?
        As with any target, the arrow could. That's why we recommend shooting 15 feet from any of our targets. Any arrow any speed

        Q. Do you make large long distance Archery targets for personal use?
        Yes! We specialize in long distance personal use archery targets. Target Shooters and Bow hunters both love the durability and easy arrow removal of our NEW design targets.

        Q. How can I buy Pacific Bow Butts Archery Targets?
        Online! If you need a certain quantity or custom size please call or email so we can discuss your needs.  sales@pbbts.com

        Q. Do you have a Guarantee?